I was born in St.Paul, Minnesota and I began my art career through the route of graffiti. This led to opportunities for exhibiting my work locally and abroad, and at the same time I was doing design work for local bands and events. My background doing graffiti and later graphic design led me to continue my artistic education and in 2013 I received my BFA from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Afterwards, I sought a graduate degree from the New York Academy of Art which I completed in 2016. Currently I live and work in Brooklyn, New York and am represented by Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen, Denmark.


Over the past few years, my work has been continuing an investigation into the poetics of light, form, and time. The works explore ideas of humanity's relationship with the world, subjective perception, and the processes that shape our environment. The subject matter and aesthetic comes from collecting the repetitions in my everyday life, my experiences in different subcultures, and virtual environments. By weaving these disparate temporal and formal elements together I build new realities from selected parts of my own experience, in order to engage with a wide range of topics. Most recently, I've been focused on the interface between the digital and analog world, and our relationship with digital space. 

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